Who are My Favorite Authors?

I thought about who has been my favorite authors through the years and who are mentors (unofficially) when it comes to writing. These are some of them. Most of them are top writers but some most people probably won’t know unless you are in the Christian Fiction genre.

*Francine Rivers

*Veronica Roth

*Stephanie Meyer

*Ted Dekker

*Suzanne Collins

*L.A. Kelly

And there are many others. But these are my favorites.

The cool thing about each one is that they are all so different. When I started to write, everything I did was third person. I tried first person but it someone how always transferred to third person so I gave up. But when I read Divergent by Veronica Roth and Twilight By Stephanie Meyer the first person bell rang in my head. They gave me the understanding on how a first person book works.

This book is in third person but there are a few others I will be putting out that are in first. So we will see how that goes. 🙂


This morning I went on another walk with my mom and Emma in the desert of Lake Havasu City AZ. There were these amazing clouds out there that I just had to tell you about.                                                                IMG_20150719_065142040_HDR

Aren’t they beautiful? In my book there is a scene where the heroine goes to a landing and is swept away by the creation of God around her. If I was able to paste this in the book for how the sky would look like this would be it.

The layers of the clouds are so beautiful that they look like they are doing a dog pile against each other. But if you look closely there are patterns in the sky as well. They make a magnificent quilt that is attempting to block the sun. But the sun is persistent and manages to peek its way through as it illuminates the surrounding mountains and valleys.

It’s as if God was sewing them together as a patch work quilt that was so nice and fluffy for the angels to rest upon. I know that’s not how it works but for my imagination it is fun.

I hope you enjoyed the picture. I loved it so much that I stopped holding my daughter’s stroller with my foot in order to grab just the right angle. It makes me smile and I hope it does the same for you.

I can’t wait for everyone to read the scene in my book at the launch in a matter of days now. I think you all will really like it 🙂

The Desert Sun

Hello all my wonderful readers! It’s a beautiful day here in the desert.


We are on a trip to see my grandparents like I said in a previous post but today was the first day I went for a walk. It’s about 107 degrees in the afternoon so its a tad toasty, but my mom and I still thought it a good day for a walk.

This doesn’t have a lot to do with writing but I just wanted to share a little bit of me. Maybe this will interlace with writing some where.

I have an amazing family support system all over the west coast. One of which are my grandparents on my mom’s side. Right now they are reading my proof for me and marking areas that need help still. Or at least they said they would. My grandpa said he couldn’t find anything so I will see what my grandma says.

And it’s nice to have the support. I feel blessed since I know that so many people don’t have such a support system. So I guess this is just a thank you post for my family.

My parents have been there for me since my first story that scribbled into a notebook. They can’t wait to read this one but are waiting until it is fully published. But they are for me all the way.

And my sister and husband have been there for me too as I have gone over scenario after scenario with asking if the direction the boom was going made any sense.

I love you all! There are many others too like my aunt and uncle in So Cal and my in-laws who are excited but I can’t mention everyone. But thank you to everyone who has been there beside me through this whole process. You are the best.

Now how did that tie into the walk? Well when you walk in the desert its pretty ugly in the dark. But when the sun begins to rise the rocks seem to change colors and the cacti make for pretty 3d effects. The quail come out and the jack rabbits start looking for something to munch on. The ugly turns into something beautiful.

That’s how I have felt about my writing at times. I think I have something great but sometimes it’s actually pretty ugly. Then I start to work on it and its like the sun starts to shine on my desert. When the sun is fully up and the work is done then you can see the beauty that you couldn’t see before.

So there, I tied it into writing 🙂 thank you for reading and stay tuned. The book launch is almost here!

Which Way to Go?

What do you do when you don’t have anything to write about? I have been travelling with my 15 month old daughter and I am so exhausted that I honestly don’t have a brain. But I wanted to write something today.

I have read books and watched movies about families travelling with young children but I always said that was never going to be me. Well as they say “Never say never”. Here I am at my grandparents learning a whole new set of patience as a mom.

I love my daughter, don’t get me wrong. She is my whole world and love of my life (besides my husband), but still as a mom there are times where you still are at your whits end. It can be the same with writing.

You work to hard to keep things going but then things happen where all you want to do is throw the computer out the window. It doesn’t happen often but it still happens.

Like my daughter who doesn’t always  want to go in the direction I want her too, my stories don’t always want to behave either. I work with them in one direction but then they seem to have a mind of their own and go completely in an other direction no matter how hard I want to stay on the track I have them.

I know this is a strange post and not probably my best, but it was what came to my mind today, I guess my inspiration isn’t just life but also my daughter for the good and the not so good 🙂 But I wouldn’t have it any  other way. I love her so much and would take a bullet for her any day. Just like my stories. They aren’t perfect all the time but as they grow and mature they become something beautiful. Just like my daughter as she grows up into a beautiful woman.


The Proofing Process

The proofing process is such a slow process. I want to make sure that my book is as good as it can be but I want it to get published just as fast. I can’t have it both ways.

If I want it to be shown its best I have to take my time. I know seasoned authors are rolling their eyes right now since it is just common sense. That is where my greeness as a writer is showing. I need to exercise patience if I want to give my book the best chance it can get.

The good news is that the changes are mild so far still so it won’t take long to submit a new review copy. So stay tuned still. I appreciate your patience as I go down this journey ❤

Fears and Aticipation

I am really excited about my book being published and allowing readers to see a part of me but at the same time I am a little scared on how it will be received. I know all my thoughts are probably just my head messing with me. My head is really good at that as mentioned in previous posts that it has taken me a long time to finally put my work out there. Which adds to the uneasiness.

On the other hand I have no fear in my book’s story line and character development since I know everything about my characters and they are ready for their depute. I just think as I am building up for the launch I don’t know what to expect so that makes the whole scenario even harder. Do other writers feel the dame way or am I just crazy?

Where do I Find Inspiration?

Inspiration is the seed to any project. You can’t build a building without first having the foresight to see how the building should look in your mind.

Same thing goes with a book. There has to be plans done before any words can be written. Then as the juices start to flow, the foundation can be laid, the walls go up and the roof is put on. It looks pretty much like a finished project from the outside but there still is a lot of work the needs to be done.

I had this scenario happen to me with “Potholes of Hope” while I was writing it. When the juices finally started going I had little issues getting the foundation written for a first draft, then the walls up for a expanded second draft, and lastly an edited roof to cap off the third daft. But was that it? Could it be released like it was?

I thought so at first but after coming back to it years late I had grown in my writing to know that was not going to be the case. The third draft ended with just over 24,000 words. At the time I thought I was hot stuff at how many words I could write. Also I was out of inspiration.

But as I was looking to publish it I did some more digging and realized I was at least 30,000 words short for the genre I wanted it to be in which was young adult to adult. I looked up some my favorite tittles to see their word counts and they were in the 100,000 word count range. I didn’t know where the words were going to go! I had done as much work as I could do with it that I was overwhelmed and frankly scared to even try.

Saying that – knowing that giving up wasn’t my style I pulled out my laptop and got to work. It turns out there were so many places I could add coming back to it with now years experience to mix in with growing up in my writing style.

So in the end, my book that started out with just over 24,000 words was now finished in its final draft at 62,177 words. I can now say that I am proud of the work I have done and the book has so many more dimensions to it that weren’t there before.

But this post was supposed to be about inspiration and where I get it. My answer is – Life. I can’t write about what I don’t know myself. Now that I am married and have given birth to a child I can write about those from personal experience instead if what I just assume they should be like.

So if there’s a reader out there who is still young without much life experience that is fine. Write what you know and write in what you think you know. If you have to go back and change it up later then that is ok. I still have to find out if I know anything with what I am talking about since I have not hit the publish button yet, but we can all be inspired to do and write anything we want no matter our life experiences.

Why do I Want to Publish a Book?

People have asked me two questions in the past about writing: Have you ever thought of publishing? And why do you want to publish? Both are solid questions and to answer takes some thought. If you have never thought about publishing then maybe you are missing an aspect of your potential, but if you don’t know your purpose behind publishing then you will never succeed.

I am brand new to the publishing game but I can already see my hobby has now turned into a full time job. If I don’t have the drive to give my book the chance it needs to succeed then there was no reason to do any of this. I want to write because the printed word is powerful thing. It can change minds and inspire people to do great things.

But the flip side of that is writing can also harm. It may not be a 9mm gun or sword but still words can hurt just as badly. That is why if I did publish it would be something real but wholesome. So much is being lost in “Freedom of Speech” that many people are afraid to even say a word.

That’s why I wanted to write this book. It deals with some tough choices but they are real choices people are making every day. My character is fictional but some where a woman might be having a hard time with making a life changing decision like my character had to but I hope that through reading my book she can relate enough to have the courage to do great things.

But women aren’t the only ones that can enjoy this book. Yes it is written from a female point of view but the male characters are just as real. Men too have to make hard life decisions and those decisions can make them or break them. I would love for the next generation of men to be able to be good leaders and show the world how things can change. Being a good solid man is not crazy. It is very possible to have the same level of chivalry that was once sought after back in the 50s and 60s. Then put the two puzzle pieces together and they become one. Life works. I didn’t say it was easy or that any of this would happen over night.

I just hope that readers can see the reason I wrote this book clearly as they flip through the pages and know my intention is to build up and inspire the next generation to be better.