Hello world!

Hello! My name is Gracelyn Asay and I am an author jumping into the world of publication. My first book of which I am doing a book launch for on July 29, 2015 is entitled “Potholes of Hope” and it tells the story of a girl trying to figure life out. She has to navigate ‘potholes’ in life so to speak as she journeys from young adult to adult. I know the title might sound a little strange but I think we can all relate to it one time or another in our life. I would love for you to join me on the book’s launch date to see how my journey continues since this had been a long process in the works. I was twelve when I wrote my first story and I was so excited because it was total of 24 pages typed. I thought I was the most awesome author even though it was really just a 12 year old’s point of view of the world. Looking at it recently I see how silly the point of view was. Maybe I will publish the very edited and expanded version of that story but we will have to wait and see. After that I was hooked on writing fiction stories. It was a place where I could 100% be who I was in those awkward years of junior high and high school where I never really knew if it was OK for me to be myself. Writing gave me that outlet and I love it! Stay tuned to more posts about “Potholes of Hope” and my journey as an author.

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