Why do I Want to Publish a Book?

People have asked me two questions in the past about writing: Have you ever thought of publishing? And why do you want to publish? Both are solid questions and to answer takes some thought. If you have never thought about publishing then maybe you are missing an aspect of your potential, but if you don’t know your purpose behind publishing then you will never succeed.

I am brand new to the publishing game but I can already see my hobby has now turned into a full time job. If I don’t have the drive to give my book the chance it needs to succeed then there was no reason to do any of this. I want to write because the printed word is powerful thing. It can change minds and inspire people to do great things.

But the flip side of that is writing can also harm. It may not be a 9mm gun or sword but still words can hurt just as badly. That is why if I did publish it would be something real but wholesome. So much is being lost in “Freedom of Speech” that many people are afraid to even say a word.

That’s why I wanted to write this book. It deals with some tough choices but they are real choices people are making every day. My character is fictional but some where a woman might be having a hard time with making a life changing decision like my character had to but I hope that through reading my book she can relate enough to have the courage to do great things.

But women aren’t the only ones that can enjoy this book. Yes it is written from a female point of view but the male characters are just as real. Men too have to make hard life decisions and those decisions can make them or break them. I would love for the next generation of men to be able to be good leaders and show the world how things can change. Being a good solid man is not crazy. It is very possible to have the same level of chivalry that was once sought after back in the 50s and 60s. Then put the two puzzle pieces together and they become one. Life works. I didn’t say it was easy or that any of this would happen over night.

I just hope that readers can see the reason I wrote this book clearly as they flip through the pages and know my intention is to build up and inspire the next generation to be better.

One thought on “Why do I Want to Publish a Book?

  1. What a worthy goal: to build up and inspire the next generation. May you yourself be built up and inspired as you bring this “baby” to birth!

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