Where do I Find Inspiration?

Inspiration is the seed to any project. You can’t build a building without first having the foresight to see how the building should look in your mind.

Same thing goes with a book. There has to be plans done before any words can be written. Then as the juices start to flow, the foundation can be laid, the walls go up and the roof is put on. It looks pretty much like a finished project from the outside but there still is a lot of work the needs to be done.

I had this scenario happen to me with “Potholes of Hope” while I was writing it. When the juices finally started going I had little issues getting the foundation written for a first draft, then the walls up for a expanded second draft, and lastly an edited roof to cap off the third daft. But was that it? Could it be released like it was?

I thought so at first but after coming back to it years late I had grown in my writing to know that was not going to be the case. The third draft ended with just over 24,000 words. At the time I thought I was hot stuff at how many words I could write. Also I was out of inspiration.

But as I was looking to publish it I did some more digging and realized I was at least 30,000 words short for the genre I wanted it to be in which was young adult to adult. I looked up some my favorite tittles to see their word counts and they were in the 100,000 word count range. I didn’t know where the words were going to go! I had done as much work as I could do with it that I was overwhelmed and frankly scared to even try.

Saying that – knowing that giving up wasn’t my style I pulled out my laptop and got to work. It turns out there were so many places I could add coming back to it with now years experience to mix in with growing up in my writing style.

So in the end, my book that started out with just over 24,000 words was now finished in its final draft at 62,177 words. I can now say that I am proud of the work I have done and the book has so many more dimensions to it that weren’t there before.

But this post was supposed to be about inspiration and where I get it. My answer is – Life. I can’t write about what I don’t know myself. Now that I am married and have given birth to a child I can write about those from personal experience instead if what I just assume they should be like.

So if there’s a reader out there who is still young without much life experience that is fine. Write what you know and write in what you think you know. If you have to go back and change it up later then that is ok. I still have to find out if I know anything with what I am talking about since I have not hit the publish button yet, but we can all be inspired to do and write anything we want no matter our life experiences.

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