The Desert Sun

Hello all my wonderful readers! It’s a beautiful day here in the desert.


We are on a trip to see my grandparents like I said in a previous post but today was the first day I went for a walk. It’s about 107 degrees in the afternoon so its a tad toasty, but my mom and I still thought it a good day for a walk.

This doesn’t have a lot to do with writing but I just wanted to share a little bit of me. Maybe this will interlace with writing some where.

I have an amazing family support system all over the west coast. One of which are my grandparents on my mom’s side. Right now they are reading my proof for me and marking areas that need help still. Or at least they said they would. My grandpa said he couldn’t find anything so I will see what my grandma says.

And it’s nice to have the support. I feel blessed since I know that so many people don’t have such a support system. So I guess this is just a thank you post for my family.

My parents have been there for me since my first story that scribbled into a notebook. They can’t wait to read this one but are waiting until it is fully published. But they are for me all the way.

And my sister and husband have been there for me too as I have gone over scenario after scenario with asking if the direction the boom was going made any sense.

I love you all! There are many others too like my aunt and uncle in So Cal and my in-laws who are excited but I can’t mention everyone. But thank you to everyone who has been there beside me through this whole process. You are the best.

Now how did that tie into the walk? Well when you walk in the desert its pretty ugly in the dark. But when the sun begins to rise the rocks seem to change colors and the cacti make for pretty 3d effects. The quail come out and the jack rabbits start looking for something to munch on. The ugly turns into something beautiful.

That’s how I have felt about my writing at times. I think I have something great but sometimes it’s actually pretty ugly. Then I start to work on it and its like the sun starts to shine on my desert. When the sun is fully up and the work is done then you can see the beauty that you couldn’t see before.

So there, I tied it into writing 🙂 thank you for reading and stay tuned. The book launch is almost here!

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