Who are My Favorite Authors?

I thought about who has been my favorite authors through the years and who are mentors (unofficially) when it comes to writing. These are some of them. Most of them are top writers but some most people probably won’t know unless you are in the Christian Fiction genre.

*Francine Rivers

*Veronica Roth

*Stephanie Meyer

*Ted Dekker

*Suzanne Collins

*L.A. Kelly

And there are many others. But these are my favorites.

The cool thing about each one is that they are all so different. When I started to write, everything I did was third person. I tried first person but it someone how always transferred to third person so I gave up. But when I read Divergent by Veronica Roth and Twilight By Stephanie Meyer the first person bell rang in my head. They gave me the understanding on how a first person book works.

This book is in third person but there are a few others I will be putting out that are in first. So we will see how that goes. 🙂

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