The Journey of “Potholes of Hope”

Boy! This has been a journey. I wanted to give a little background to the process it took for me to write “Potholes of Hope” and how it came out to be what it is today. The book almost wasn’t written since at the time I was in the dumps about writing. It was the winter of 2007.

I was 16 years old and had been writing for pleasure for about 4 years but nothing was coming out of it. I was depressed since I had all these ideas running through my head but I didn’t want to now be ‘wasting my time’ if there was nothing at the end of the tunnel. Then I had the idea of a story that was originally titled “Potholes” with the slogan of ‘a few potholes make for a smoother road’. I had no idea what to do with it. I knew it was a broad topic and needed to bring it to a focused point. Then it seemed like over night my characters appeared in my head with a story line and I just started writing.

Then the next thing that was my own pothole was that I was writing a story that had too much to be put into one book. In the original manuscript the end of “Potholes of Hope” was chapter 3 of “Potholes”. This wasn’t working out until it was suggested that I break it up. (Heads up: there are 4 total books in the series. So if you like this book there is more to come.) So that is what I did and a whole new road was laid out for me. I finished the first draft rather quickly but then I lost total interest in writing.

I was in college by then and had better things to do than sit at a computer for hours at a time writing things that no one was going to see any way. But the idea of writing and publishing a book never left my mind. My college professors were impressed by my writing skills and asked if I would ever consider publishing a book? I told them “yes but I don’t feel like the books [were] any good”. It wasn’t until I took a creative writing class at Sierra College in Rocklin Ca that I realized that I did have some talent as a fiction writer. We were in a class where the classmates would submit their short stories and we would critique them in class. I had an idea right way and started writing. I was surprised at all the positive feed back I got on style and story development that I decided to pull out my beloved story “Potholes” and edit it once again.

That was back in 2011. Now 4 years later and several set backs with finding a publishing house and someone who would take me seriously, I have now gotten the courage to self publish the story that I know I had the biggest connection with writing. I am not sure how it will be received but I hope readers will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Hello world!

Hello! My name is Gracelyn Asay and I am an author jumping into the world of publication. My first book of which I am doing a book launch for on July 29, 2015 is entitled “Potholes of Hope” and it tells the story of a girl trying to figure life out. She has to navigate ‘potholes’ in life so to speak as she journeys from young adult to adult. I know the title might sound a little strange but I think we can all relate to it one time or another in our life. I would love for you to join me on the book’s launch date to see how my journey continues since this had been a long process in the works. I was twelve when I wrote my first story and I was so excited because it was total of 24 pages typed. I thought I was the most awesome author even though it was really just a 12 year old’s point of view of the world. Looking at it recently I see how silly the point of view was. Maybe I will publish the very edited and expanded version of that story but we will have to wait and see. After that I was hooked on writing fiction stories. It was a place where I could 100% be who I was in those awkward years of junior high and high school where I never really knew if it was OK for me to be myself. Writing gave me that outlet and I love it! Stay tuned to more posts about “Potholes of Hope” and my journey as an author.