My Heart is Happy

I’m super excited! My husband and I sponsor two girls through World Vision. I have done it since 2009 with my first child and then we added an addition to our family in 2013 after we were married for a year.

We love World Vision and wished we could do more but we felt like what we were doing was exactly what God was asking from us. Well we just got a letter saying that one of our girls’ communities had graduated so our sponsorship of her is no longer needed.

We are super sad since in some ways we felt like she was a part of our family. But we are thrilled to see what God has done in her life and her community. So I pray for God’s continual protection over her and her family but praising Him for His blessing.

What does this mean for the next step? That’s what I am excited to announce. We still have our first child but we are now receiving a new member to our family.

God is good all the time and I look forward to getting to know our new child and how God will work in her life.

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