Teething and Growing Up

It’s crazy how fast kids grow up. I’ve always been told don’t blink or you will miss something. I knew it was true but to experience it is totally different. Just yesterday she was a little newborn who could barley hold her head up. I think this picture says it all. Also shows how cute she is 😉


Now she is walking, talking and even eating with a fork! Where did the time go? This was just from today as she walked around our house.


She doesn’t even need me to really hold her any more to get any where. Just yesterday she opened our slider and toddled her way over to her play set all by herself. I did run after her to make sure she was safe but it was the point that she could do it all by herself.

So not only do I have books, who were my babies before her, getting ready to meet the world but my daughter is too. She is teething her second year molars already which is just a reminder to me that she is closer to 2 years old than 1 years old. I know that this doesn’t seem to work into writing but it does.

Books go through teething and growing pains. Even though it is on paper that doesn’t mean that when you are going along writing a book and the plot takes a whole different direction it doesn’t hurt just a little to get your thoughts together. Or, like in my current place,  have a draft of a manuscript and am having to completely restructure it to fit in with the correct word count and to add more detail that I know but the reader wouldn’t it was written down. Right now that it like teething a molar for me.

Potholes of Hope was easy to reconstruct since it had had so much work done on it in the past. I just needed to add a little more meat so to speak. But the second book, Potholes of Courage, is another story. It will be a little bit probably before this one is ready. I have the opposite problem with it. It has great description but almost no dialogue. Potholes of Hope needed more description but had plenty of dialogue.

It’s interesting when you pick up an old project that you haven’t seen in a while and see where you were at that time. I guess I was in a description phase since I know when I started writing was and, maybe still is, my biggest weakness. I can see what’s going on in my characters heads so why do I need to put it in? Well that’s because it’s a book and not a movie. So that is where I am sitting with my own teething and growing up phase with the second book in the Potholes series.

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