The Yearning

Have you ever had anything that you couldn’t have anymore? This might sound funny but I have something that I can’t have anymore and I miss it.

I made brownies last night and what do you do when you finish dumping the batter in the bowl? Of course you lick it! Well not anymore for me.

Last year at Thanksgiving I got major food poisoning from licking the spoon to a cake batter. I was out for an entire week not being able to leave a bathroom. My poor husband had to take the week off so there was someone to watch our daughter. So now I don’t even think of licking a batter spoon.

Do you have something in your life that you’ve had to have taken away even if the warning signs are every where? It may not be food related but still.

On every cookie dough box it says don’t eat it raw or anything with raw eggs in it because it could have the salmonella bacteria in it. So now I have learned my lesson that I will follow the warnings on everything.

Because I didn’t like going through the after math of not listening was worth it. That goes for anything in life. Is there something that you wanted and did everything you could do to get it even though the signs were there to tell you shouldn’t? I know I do all the time but now I listen better. Because not being able to have brownie batter is a simple thing but not being able to have something bigger I want because I wasn’t patient would be horrible.

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