What Have I Learned?

I think it is time for a what have I learned post.

Proofread, Proofread Proofread. And then you give it to someone and have them proofread it again. I thought I would save money by proof reading my own word. I am super embarrassed to admit that since that is the most rookie mistake ever and now I have to live with the embarrassment of having to pull my book from sales.

So my book Potholes of Hope is not for sale on Amazon.com and I am not sure when it will be back up. But it will be soon and it will better than ever. I am super excited to reintroduce it to you in a whole new way.

I have learned a lot about marketing and sales which is the best way to learn is through mistakes. Hopefully I just won’t repeat them. So keep an eye out and look for the new and improved Potholes of Hope 🙂

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