Feeling Absent

I know this has to happen to more people than just me. This feeling of being in a room but not really there. Has that ever happened the you? I feel like I go into my little world and everything to good. But why do I do that when things in reality are good?

My daughter is doing great, my husband is doing great and I am doing great. But still my mind wanders. Maybe it is something in the human make up that draws to to somewhere else? Or maybe I am just easily distracted. You know, like in the movie “UP” where the dog is constantly saying “Squirrel!”? That is how it feels.

Some times that is where I get my thinking time for my stories and where there are going. I have had to change some much in Potholes of Courage that it is crazy. It is hardly the same book but it is so much better now. I am looking for a proofreader for it soon and keep the ball rolling.

But I have to keep my “Squirrel!” moments down. I like day dreaming but only when it’s productive. Because I don’t want to miss anything in my real life. Eagle Mayes is a cool town but it’s not my home. My home is with my family around me  🙂

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