Knowing How to Stay Teachable

So I started looking over the proof work my wonderful proofreader for “Potholes of Hope” has done thus far and I have to say it has been super humbling. Not because what she has to say is bad (everything is good and needed), it’s like when someone else tries to parent your child for you.

If you have kids this will make sense. You know when someone comes into your home and tries to tell your child what he or she can and cannot do or how he or she should change a behavior? It feels like that. The person has no idea how they are being rude and trying to make your child into their own but it is perceived by the parent to be that way. Now I am NOT SAYING my proofreader is being rude. I have so much to thank her on because it is the flip side of someone else’s perspective.

Going on with the other person parenting your child. The mom can go two ways: Defensive or Teachable. Maybe there is something that the child is being allowed to do that isn’t safe for them or there is another method to change an unwanted behavior. It’s totally the same with excepting the proofreader’s suggestions. I have complete freedom to ignore what she says and keep the way they are which is a mess or I can be teachable and look through the material with an open mind and heart.

I have done the teachable route and do I agree with all her suggestions, no, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good. below is a picture on how much work my proofreader has done. Now they are only one word corrections for the most part but there were some other things that really needed fixing.

So the point of this post isn’t saying that proofreaders are annoying but rather to keep yourself open. If you shut yourself off and believe that no one can contribute to your book (or life) then it won’t turn out good. We all need proofreaders to help us along the way.  🙂

IMG_20150825_125403849   Only people who love you will do this much work ❤

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