The Funny Things in Life

So we just had something really funny happen today. We won a raffle package for our chickens from our feed store. We don’t have very many chickens so I thought it was pretty funny. From the picture below you can tell we will have some very happy chickens with all their new toys.

Yay for chickens! :)
Yay for chickens! šŸ™‚

Who knew there was chicken treats! I raised chickens as a kid and I guess ours were deprived chickens because I had never heard of such a thing. And I was just telling my hubby we needed leg bands (to tell the chickens a part) and the ceramic eggs will be great since we have a couple that just can’t figure it out.

God is good and He knows our needs. Even when you think He has given up on you and He doesn’t care, think again. He is a good Father and a good God who loves all His kids. We have some other things going on that are bigger than a chicken raffle prize but they were needed and God provided.

So if today you need encouragement or you think that God has abandoned you don’t lose hope. He has a plan and He will follow through with it. I thought He told me it was time for my book to be out in the world but it had to be brought back home for some more growing up. It will be released again in due time but for now I am having to do some growing up too in order to get ready for the release.

And one day, just like how my chickens thought I was crazy when I gave them the meal worm treats, God will reveal His plan and you might look at Him like He is crazy but it will be perfect. Just keep your eyes open and your heart soft.

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