Growing and Changing

So I have been having fun reading this year. I am on my eighth book for this year and it’s been a good selection.

Right now I’m half way through Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. I have enjoyed the whole series but this one from the Twilight saga has been my favorite. Why is that? I’ve gotten to see the characters grow and change and I like how they have turned out. It’s a great tool for me to learn from.

Character development has been an ok thing of mine but it wasn’t until I started taking note with the books I read on how the other authors do it. You know, the #1 sellers. And it seems to be the key.

So now that I have Potholes of Courage finished and being proofed, I can see  where I want my characters to go in the third book.

It’s been fun picking up the series again and actually finishing it. I have always loved my characters but now I really love them as they grow and change as the third book is coming to life.

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