Super Exciting Book News!

So everyone knows that I made the biggest rookie mistake in publishing and had to suffer the embarrassment of having to pull Potholes on Hope of the market. Well, I am SUPER excited to say that it is almost done and will be available again really soon.

It looks really awesome! I redid the cover and updated the text so that there are (hopefully) no more mistakes and the contextual stuff has been reworked. So to all who have read the book, all those places like Mike being gone for four years straight, Cheryl wanting gun licenses all over the place, Nora having brain surgery and stuff – gone, updated, and fixed. The little mention of an old fashion term that is considered a cuss word today – gone and fixed. All the missing words – there now and fixed. Everything is back up to par and ready to see the world in the way I wanted to Potholes of Hope to be seen.

My proofreader did a great job and I really appreciate her. She was truthful for all the areas that needed to be fixed and kicked my butt when things didn’t work. I should have used her in the beginning.

I will be posting a picture of the new cover soon once I get the proof. I think you will all love it and I can’t wait to share it with you.

p.s. To all who read the first edition, when I release the new edition, would you consider leaving a review on Ignore all the issues you saw and just do it about the story line. All the contextual stuff has been fixed. Just review on the story and the characters. I would really appreciate it. 🙂

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