Being Thankful

So right now, I am going through a time of being thankful for what I have and, let me tell you, it’s hard. Then I asked myself, “why?” I have everything I need to survive and a loving  husband and daughter to care for. Why is it still when I look out the window or go online I get sad because I can’t have what I think I want?

Well that probably has to do with the fact we are moving and new house equals a new start. I want this house to be perfect. All our marriage we have been blessed by people giving us furniture and other household stuff which has been a huge money saver and normally I am fine with it. But for some reason, this move has a different feel. I went into it with wanting all new stuff. I didn’t even want to go to Goodwill because I was tired of having second hand (if not more) stuff. Well I got my wagon fixed really fast because my husband was the one who pointed out my flaw.

It’s not because we can’t afford the stuff, it because we can be just as big of a blessing to the person giving it to us as they are to us for giving it. Does that make sense? We will have more money in the bank to buy the little knick knack stuff if we don’t spend it all on furniture and other things. And the giver gets the blessing of knowing how much they helped us out.

That being said, I saw his point and can smile about it. Now it is fun going and looking because the big stuff was provided for and the little stuff can take its time showing up. I am thankful for the people in my life who care enough to bless us and I hope we are a blessing to them.  Life would be pretty boring and hard if we had to about it alone.

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