Love Your Body Part 3

Health. It is a huge buzz word it seems like these days. I grew up with a Mom who was big into health and doing all the anti hydrogenated oils and trans fats and stuff. We were the crazy nut family who didn’t have soda and ice cream in the house because of all the chemicals that were made to make the food. Now we are normal which I find funny. All the things that my Mom was saying twenty years ago is finally mainstream terminology but back when I was a kid was considered crazy and overreacting.

Now I am not a health care provider or counselor, all I am going to say is the importance health has to loving our bodies. If you need to get professional help, then do.

How does health affect your love for your body? It has everything to do with it. If you don’t live a healthy lifestyle then there is no foundation for you to stand on to love or even make you hate your body. But the sad part is that it is self induced. I had to figure that out on my own even though I am pretty sure my Mom told me that some time ago as a kid.

Would eating a doughnut or apple show more love to your body? Well of course the apple would (even though I am sure the doughnut would be yummy it would only hurt your body). So that is where choices come in. Here in America, we have the ability to have choices in what we eat. We don’t (yet) have the government forcing us to eat a certain way. We go into the grocery store and have ten different peanut butters to choose from. They all have pretty labels and pretty much all say the same thing like 100% made from peanuts. But we turn each one over and there a million different ingredients in each bottle. Which one is better? According to The Daniel Plan “if it has more than 5 ingredients throw it out (paraphrased)”.

The only thing is that peanut butter that is really only made with peanuts and water is twice the price as the one that has the ingredients I can’t pronounce. So what do you do? How much is your health worth to you? Which one will build up your body better or tare it down? These are all important questions to ask when it comes to your health and loving your body.

Notice as well that I did not mention anything about weight here. So many people associate health with weight but they are very much different. Let me give you an example. There are two women standing in line for coffee at the local coffee shop. One is skinny and a size 2 while the other is heavier and size 14. Both are about the same age and look like they have similar jobs by their suits.

Now the question is – who is healthier? The size 2 girl looks like she should be but she hasn’t stepped inside a gym or eaten a salad in years. She has high blood sugar and is on watch for Type 2 Diabetes and her overall bodily health is weak since she doesn’t think twice about what she eats since she never gains any weight. She has the DNA setup that allows her to stay thin, but that does not mean is healthy. Now to the lady who is a size 14. She goes to the gym three times a week, eats right, and she has the thumbs up at doctor check ups (or lack of since her body is strong and she never gets sick) because her blood pressure is good, her blood tests are clean and there is nothing to show concern. The only difference is that her DNA or other factors in her body that she has no control of makes it so that losing weight is harder. But it doesn’t mean she is any less healthier.

So how do you start getting healthy? Like I said, if you need professional help please get it. Everyone needs the right support team to help them get on the right course. But these are just simple everyday ways you can get healthier and in turn love your body better.

Eat the rainbow – Eating all sorts of fruits and veggies is the best way to get healthy.

Buy some books – I found a great book on going Paleo (for example) called Part Time Paleo How to Go Paleo Without Going Crazy Check it out on Amazon and it was very helpful. I am not saying to go Paleo but I know for me it helped me learn to be even more healthy and to love my body since I have a guide on how to cook the veggies (like cauliflower) that are not as easy to love.

Get support – My husband is the biggest supporter for us being healthy. He loves the meals that I cook and now rides a bike to work to get his exercise in. I take our daughter for walks in her stroller and we are there at the end of the day asking how each of exercises went that day over a healthy meal. I couldn’t do it without him and vise versa. So I would really suggest you find a friend or family member to help you get a game plan on getting healthy and to stick to it.

No diets – There is nothing worse than a diet. They are not fun and they are not useful from my experience. I have done so many diets and they failed because there was no way I was going to stick to it. It had to be a lifestyle choice and change. The first three letters in diet is die and I feel that is all a diet does. Once it is over it dies and so does all your hard work.

Have fun – Do stuff you enjoy. I have been told “the best exercise is the one you will do” and it is so true. I hate running so going out for a jog is no fun for me, but walking and yoga are so much fun for me. My husband would rather have a tooth pulled than do yoga with me but he loves his bike. find something that fits you and go for it. It is all about having fun in life.

So I hope that was helpful and I will see you next type for part 3! 🙂

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