Love Your Body Part 4

Here is a big issue that I still struggle with and that is body image. First I want to be clear that I am not talking about how much a weigh. That is another post down the road. What I am talking about is the way my body looks in the mirror compared to everyone else.

We live in a society that pushes big on body image and how a person should look. There are millions of makeup tips and designer clothes out there to help make us have a better self image. But what about what is already there?

God made you beautiful the way you are right now. We are not born with makeup plastered all over our face or the next hottest thing in style. We are born naked as stated in Ecclesiastes 5:15, “As he came from his mother’s womb he shall go again, naked as he came, and shall take nothing for his toil that he may carry away in his hand”. So really the whole issue with body image is in vain. Then why do we fall into it all the time? I know I do. I constantly am finding myself comparing my look to the looks of other women.

I know for me body image is the worst when I go shopping. I personally dread it which isn’t a fun way to spend your time. I want to be able to just to go pick something off the rack, try it on, and walk out of the store with it because I know it looks perfect on me. Reality? Walk into the store, scrap around for anything my size, go the dressing room, try it on, hate most of it, walk out of the store with maybe one thing I somewhat liked. Does that sound at all familiar?

Now if you are one of those women or men that can just strut in and out of stores and find what you want, that’s awesome. But I know you have your own issues and insecurities about body image. You might feel like since you are already what society wants you to look like you have to stay that way. You trouble yourself into a frenzy trying to keep up appearances. I have seen my friends have issues with that and it is just as unhealthy as my body issues.

What do you say to yourself when you look at the mirror? Do you really even look at the mirror? If all you say is negative talk to yourself, all that is going to come out is negative. My husband can always tell when I am in funk about my body image. He hates being around my negativity and says “What’s your problem? You are beautiful”. I feel like that is what God says to me as well but it takes my husband’s voice for Him to be heard.

And God says you are beautiful or handsome too all the time. For men it is all about muscles or the lack thereof. It is OK to be just as you are. In my previous post about being built the way you are meant to be I said that some extra weight for women might be good. It goes the same for men and the way they think they should look. Not every man is meant to look like Channing Tatum and not everyone should. Channing Tatum is meant to look like Channing Tatum and you are meant to look like you Mr. Reader. Please don’t be discouraged.

I know it is easy to want something you don’t have, but maybe God hasn’t given it to you yet because you are not ready. Give it time and learn to love yourself as you are now. Only then can God give us what He wants to give us. But one wise woman, who is now with the Lord, once told me that “God cannot give you something if your hands are full. Once we are content and set things to the side then He can bless us with more”.

Eek. I know I have forgotten those words many times. It’s when I calm down about my body image and think that I am a beautiful woman and that God created me for a purpose that those words come back to mind. Even though the conversation we were having that day concerned relationships, it’s true for everything. Learning to see past the negativity is the only way to see who we really are.

Joyce Meyer said in one of her teachings that she was listening to a preacher talk about looking good and feeling and she said that this preacher challenged the crowd to get up in the morning and say “Good morning you good looking thing”. What might happen if we all did that on a daily basis? Would we actually like what we saw in the mirror? Would the bonds of negativity and hatred for the way our bodies look in the mirror? Only one way to find out. So join me and every morning look in the mirror and say “Good morning you good looking thing”.

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