Love Your Body Part 5

Weight. Ugh. I hate hearing about weight and all the issues that come with it. I hate going to the doctor and being judged because I am over weight and don’t fit into their box even though they have no idea what kind of lifestyle I have. All because the numbers don’t fit, I am a slob who doesn’t take care of herself right? Wrong.

I wish I could blow up the BMI scale and try to explain to modern medicine that we are not all suppose to fit in a box. We are all shapes and sizes and, like stated previously, being big doesn’t mean that I am any less healthy than a a tiny girl. It is unbelievable how small they say I should be.

Below is the scale. Look at your height and weight and see where you fit.


My BMI scale is 37. Obese. Yuck. Here is a picture of me from daughter’s first birthday. Pardon the ears and tail. Her theme was My Little Pony 🙂


Now I know that I can lose about 40 pounds and be 180, but what I should be according the BMI scale is 145 pounds max! That’s 75 pound for me to lose. You can see that there is no way I could ever get to be that small. If I had to be that small then I would just say “I give up!” That is unrealistic and probably why most of us hate our bodies because they don’t fit in the little box that we are so called “Supposed” to fit in. I want to love my body as it is now. Not when I am at my goal weight.

I remember being pregnant with my daughter and being tested up the wazoo for things like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and other things just because I was a heavier mom-to-be. You know what happened? My blood was so good that they had never seen it stay so level and low in a long time with any mother. I never came close to having diabetes either. Why? Because even though my weight said one thing, my health said another.

So my readers, if you are having issues with weight don’t give up. It is not always your fault that you are the size you are. I know quite a few heavier people who love the way they are and don’t plan on changing their ways. They like the fast food and the ice cream and I say good for them. I am not talking about that kind of life style. I am talking to those who are living healthy lifestyles who are discouraged because they work so hard but the scale doesn’t show it.

I am right there with you. I know I work really hard and most of the time the scale doesn’t move. It’s horrible and disheartening but I keep going. I have to. And I encourage you to do the same. Because even though the scale isn’t moving, other things are happening. As we are cooking for us and our families meals that are heathly, they will effect how we see ourselves in the mirror and will help with our weight. But most importantly what goes inside our bodies are also getting better. Our blood is getting cleaner, our lungs are able to breathe easier, and our heart is pumping happier. It is all worth the work. It is all worth the sweat and tears.

Because our bodies deserve to be loved now. Not when we get to where we going but on the journey to get there. Because we are perfect in the sight of God. I am comforted by the verse below when I am down about my weight.

                          “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. ”   Psalm 139:14

I hope this encourages you too and maybe some day the BMI scale and I will be friends. Until then, I will just keep working and striving for my goal weight while loving my body in the process.

One thought on “Love Your Body Part 5

  1. I love this post and your encouragement to your readers to keep working on being healthy even though there might not be visible results. I think that BMI chart is bogus too, btw! My sisters and I are going through the book True Beauty by Carolyn Mahaney– would love to have you join us! 🙂

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