True Mother Feelings

I had a interesting night with my daughter last night. She must have eaten something bad at a restaurant that made her sick (I was also sick from this restaurant) because right before bed she started vomiting everywhere. It was so scary for me.

I never understood what my mom meant when she said she had more sleepless nights when we were

grown than we were babies until last night. While my daughter had finished throwing up at the moment and was now sleeping in her bed, I was a nervous wreck thinking that she was going to choke or something in her sleep. I stayed up late to make sure she didn’t have another episode and sure enough she did. I was on the floor with her on her stomach and obviously not feeling well in tears. It was the worst feeling ever.

I wanted to help her so bad but there was nothing I could do. I felt so helpless that all I could do is pray for her healing. I then spent the rest of the night lying awake at every move that came from her room. It was like when she was a new born again and I slept in her room for two months because I was afraid that she would be lost to SIDS. It was something out of my control and I had to leave her in God’s hands and just wait to see how things looked in the morning.

It was a long night but, after a night of prayer, she woke up with a smile and no more sickness. It was a good lesson for me to remember how to trust God in everything. He is my shield and stay. If something does happen to my daughter, I just have to remember that I can only do my best and the rest is up to God. He has plan for my daughter and it will be completed when it is completed. Until then she will be safe in my arms and I will enjoy her everyday.

Because with great love comes with a risk. If I didn’t want to have that risk of losing her I would never have had children but that isn’t the case. I love being a mom and I look forward to having more children in the future. How soon I don’t know since my daughter wasn’t planned according to my timeline but she was just on time on God’s timeline for me. I love her more than words can express and I will always be there to protect her. She is my light and my love. She is the best thing, next to my husband and family, that God has given to me and I plan to take care of His gifts to me with all my might.

So bring on these next few years where colds and flus are normal. I am ready… And I have a stock pile of tissues to go with it 😉

Pretty girl playing at the park :)
Pretty girl playing at the park 🙂

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