Dealing With Sickies

So it has been a little bit since I last posted because I have just gotten over the worst stomach flu I have had since I was 6 years old. It was horrible. I started throwing up at 3:45am on Sunday 11/15 every hour on the hour and it didn’t stop until 4:00pm 11/16. I was so weak, and couldn’t hardly move. I finally was able to keep Cheerios and some sips of water at 4:30pm. You can see in the pic below just how bad I was.


It was not a pretty sight. Thankfully though, my wonderful husband was able to stay home with our daughter who then she started vomiting at 4:00pm 11/16 and didn’t stop until 3:00am 11/17. So not only was his wife in bed but he was having to spend the whole night holding his daughter over the toilet. It was quite the scene, but he is a great father and kept her calm the whole time. She was scared out of her mind of  course but he just stroked her back and kept telling her what a good girl she was. After she had finished each round, he would cuddle with her a little bit before putting her back to bed to only have to be up in another hour. It was so touching and in some ways reminded me of how I think God sees us.

How does any of that connect to God? Well think of it this way. When we go and do bad things and get “sick” spiritually, we make bad choices and have to deal with the consequences, does God just sit there and say, “There’s the toilet. I hope you learned your lesson”? No. He holds our hair back and supports us literally through it all. It may not feel like He is there since the circumstance the consequence might really be a challenge, but He is still there stroking your back and telling you it will be ok and is there to cuddle you back into HIs arms when it is all over.

I am thankful that my husband was there to be our daughter’s hero when she needed one most. I on the other hand had to go it on my own since he was having to do his best to keep her clear of me. Sadly it didn’t work. But now she is all better and was out playing in the back yard the next day.


Now I am afraid my husband is sick with the same thing. The only up side is that he knows what to expect and that it won’t last for long, but it hurts to watch him be sick. I feel helpless. But I know God is there helping him through and, hopefully by tonight, since he started vomiting at 5:00am 11/19, he will be feeling better. (No pic of him since he didn’t want the world to see him like that. I don’t blame him.)


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