The Frugal Zealot in Training

Soooo I have been turned onto the art of thrifting and finding new ways to save money. One of the resources has been given to me by my husband in the form of a book called The Tightwad Gazette. There are three volumes of it in total but I have only read the first one. I need to find volume two but it is still packed away in a box somewhere. And crossing my fingers, my hubby will get me volume three for Christmas.

It’s funny since it was written in 1992 some things are not as cheap as they were back then. (I was 1 when this book was put out and I always find it interested in how things were back then.) For example, a stamp was only .29 but a long distance phone call as $1.00/minute. Now I think that is funny to think about charging for long distance phone calls with the whole cell phone age and stuff but, back then, cell phones were only for rich people. Now a stamp is .45 and nationwide calling is included in the contract price.

But there is a lot of other things that are still relevant. Like how she washes Ziplock bags and reuses them and doesn’t use her dryer much. I have started doing the baggie washing and looking for a way to do a clothes line in our house because the prices have only gone up and we are saving for a house.

One thing that she suggested was how to make your own pumpkin puree. My favorite thing to bake is pumpkin cookies but the canned pumpkin is only seasonal in most stores and its a couple bucks per can. Her recipe, with one pumpkin, will gave out 19 cups of pureed pumpkin. Our pumpkin was also given to us for a whomping price of free. And our neighbors gave us their two uncut pumpkins so I will easily have a year supply of pumpkin for free.


Then I was thinking how expensive pumpkin seeds are in the store so I gathered up all the seeds from that pumpkin, roasted them in my oven and it gave me a pint of pumpkin seeds. (I haven’t cut up the other two pumpkins yet but I am hoping for the same or close to the same amount of seeds.) That was my own thought but it really cut down on the waste I had to throw away at the end.


So I will be on this journey of thrifting and I will see how much it will save. Call me crazy, but if the Frugal Zealot can raise 6 kids and have it all then I think it is worth it 🙂


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