A Free Scrubbie?

I have been going through the tightwad book that I have mentioned in my last two posts and she had the craziest suggestion I have ever heard of. She uses a potato bag as a dishes scrubber. I thought, “Ok. that is too much”, but I wanted to really give her suggestions a try so I still had some sweet potatoes , emptied the bag, and wrapped a rubber band around it.

To my surprise, it works great! I think better than a store bought brush for sure. It retains the soap better so you use less and cleans everything pretty much in one swipe. I thought she was crazy but turns out that I had little faith in her. So if you are looking a cheap dish scrubber idea (actually a free idea) see if you have a potato or onion bag and wrap it into a ball. You just might be as surprised as I was.

I know this is a sort of a silly post compared to the ones I normally do but I had to share this find with all my readers. So I will continue through the book and use her suggestions. I will let you know how it all goes 🙂


It looks kind of like a gold fish but it works really well 🙂

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