When You Have to Say “Pass”

I am now starting to get into this whole thrifting thing. I have found some great deals and am always on the look out now for a special bargain. But of course there will be times when you to pass up a bargain no matter how good it is.

In order to be thrifty, I have found, that the ability to say “no” to something is just as powerful as saying “yes”. Hopefully you have a budget of some sort. This is a great place to start. The blogger hasn’t posted much lately but what the blogger has put up is rather interesting. It is a video tutorial about a product called Every Dollar and it is powered by Dave Ramsey. If you don’t know who that is, I would suggest googling him 🙂 Any way, with a budget comes restrictions on how much someone can actually spend at one time so that savings can accrue to spend at a later time. This means that even though I saw some yarn on a yard sale page, I had to pass because I had already bought a huge bag full already and that needed to go into the budget. It was no fun but next month, when we have a new budget, I can set aside more money perhaps to spend on things like thrifting finds and yarn. (I love to sew and crochet so that why I am always looking for yarn and fabric at a decent price.)

This is not to make people feel tied down to their finances but rather to be empowered by them. Having a budget isn’t a bad thing. It has made it that next year, my husband will be able to pay off his student loans. If we had not kept track of what we spent and what we saved, who knows what more debt we could possibly have? So I would encourage you today to, if you haven’t, start a budget, and learn to say “no”. I know for me it is not easy. I would rather charge it to a credit card sometimes, but I have been shown how making a budget and sticking to it will be the best thrifting tool of all.


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