Gas or Electric?

We had a shock from last moth with our utilities. You know how I have been on this quest to save money? Well, when we got our electric bill, I thought I was on the right track. But when I got our gas bill, I almost fainted.

I thought our heater was only electric so I had no problem using it. We kept it low at 65 degrees but still used it at night. Looks like I was wrong because our gas bill was double our electric bill! Our electric was $43 and our gas was $86. I couldn’t believe it. I know that people pay a lot more than that but what got me was that the previous month out electric bull was $52 and out gas was $13. So that was the surprising factor. Our power company is the lowest in the area and our gas provider is the most expensive. Why our power provider doesn’t do gas too? I have no idea.

So now we are having to really adjust our gas usage. Off the heater went and now we are being more mindful of the hot water we use. We tried turning the hot water heater down but it didn’t quite get hot enough and we were running it more so we put it back to hot and now fill up our sink half way when we wash dishes.

We know the house we are renting has horrible windows which don’t offer any help. They are all single pane so the hot air just goes right through them which we knew would be a problem. If we owned this place, that would be the first thing changes out. Because not only is having an energy efficient home good for your pocket book, but also the environment. The more energy lost with something like bad windows, the less that will be available for other people later. So for now we are having to make adjustments.

We have an electric heater for my daughter in her room, since we can bundle up, and keep it at 65 degrees. We will see what that does to our electric bill since w only have it on when she is sleeping or taking a nap. Otherwise we will utilize things like out oven with other things like I baked cookies last night while I baked the meatloaf for dinner. That way maybe we won’t spend twice the amount again.

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