I Joined Etsy :)

I have always been crafty and love doing things with my hands. So I took up sewing as a school project ten years ago and crochet about two years ago. The sewing has been on and off since I started but I have always enjoyed it. And the crochet… Well, let’s just I haven’t bought a new scarf or pair of mittens since I started.

Then someone asked if I did Etsy? I said, “No since that is for talented people”. Well, I have finally decided that my products are good enough for Etsy so I opened Handi Works of Grace yesterday. I only have one item on there so far but I will be adding more probably daily as I get my stock built up. Most of the things right now will be made to order for a little while but I am quick so I can get the orders out fast.

My favorite thing to make are baby blankets (which is the one thing I have in my shop at the moment). They are just so warm and cozy and I can pray for the baby while I make it. It is a really cool feeling.

So I encourage you to check it out and spread the word! Keep an eye out for updates and new products being released. This is going to be a fun ride 🙂

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