God’s Blessings

I mentioned that we had a crazy high has bill that we weren’t expecting in a previous post well I have a cool update about that. See God covered it all! He provided the extra money and  then a little more. It was a good reminder for me to not worry when things happen. God will provide even in a crazy month like December.

How has God blessed you this season? I know we weren’t sure how we were going to cover all the gifts we had to buy for our daughter and each other but there are so many gifts that the only way that they could have gotten here was by God’s hand. I feel so blessed.

God has also used people to bless me as well. A man in Walmart today gave me the dollar I needed to cover my order. I had people make crochet project orders and sold a few things that we no longer needed.

If you need something God will provide in one way or another. You might have to do some extra work or He will send people to bless you. Love is the real reason of the season. God sent His Son to be our greatest gift and now we can be a gift to other people. You never k iw what a dollar will do for someone. For me it meant alot today.

I look forward to being able to do the same for someone else 🙂

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