No, No, No!

So recently we have jumped another milestone in our journey of parenthood – our daughter can now say “No”. She is still our cutie but now with more of an opinion than ever. I now ask her a question and now she can say yes and no and more often right now is no. But then she will all of a sudden she will randomly say “No, no, no!” when she has come across something that isn’t going well that she is playing with at that moment. She gets very upset and tries to fix but is too upset to see that answer is right in front of her. If she would just pick up the block and turn it one turn to the left, it would fit. It’s rather cute in that aspect but it got me thinking.

When my daughter says her “no” rant, it’s not really directed at anything really but it’s still saying “no”. Am I that way with God? Sometimes I just plain out say “No” to God and, like my daughter, receive not so good consequences, then there are other times where I am saying “no, no, no” for no reason. I get frustrated at something because it isn’t going exactly the way I wanted it. Maybe it is out of frustration but it is still saying no to our Creator. Like He isn’t running my life right in this one area. Everything else is going good but this little area needs my handy work to be better.

How might you ask does this look? Say you have grown tired of waiting for something so you go stomping off say “no, no, no” and go off and do you own thing in an other area for a moment. Say you want to get out of debt but it is really hard and yo go off and purchase lots of new shoes. That act totally cancelled out the goal you were setting.  It isn’t like you are 100% defying God’s will but you are still not  saying “yes” to Him to trust that  He is looking out for your best interest. It might look cute to the world to be going your own way, like you deserve those shoes since you work hard, but it is still not cute to God.

When my daughter goes into one of her rants, all I do is roll my eyes and wait for her to come back to her senses. I don’t punish her but I don’t praise her either. That is God’s response. Nothing will happen directly to you since by God since He doesn’t punish us we have to deal with the consequences, but rather we will not receive the blessings He has in store for us. I personally don’t want to miss out.

What about you? Is there something in your life that might be going quite the way you are wanting to go so you try to make it work while mentally shouting “no, no, no”? I know I do sometimes with things like my business and my writing. I have learned that if I just calm down and wait for a couple seconds, I can see the problem clearly in front of me and then I can move forward.

Emma being a big now with a spoon 🙂

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