One Free Day

We have been blessed the past few days. We have been wanting to build some raised garden beds for the up coming spring but didn’t want to spend the $100+ dollars for the kit plus all the dirt. We are able only spend $60 on a 4’x4’x16″ cinder block bed. The dirt is another story since we will have to spend about the same in dirt. But still was less expensive than a wood kit and this one won’t rot over time and we would build it twice as high. (The kits could be built on but that would double their price.)

But the problem was that we needed more than one 4’x4′ bed to feed the family and still be able to can some away for the rest of the season. We could do the cinder block method but that would be another three load heavy trips to Home Depot and then when we move we will have to individually take the the blocks apart. So I still really wanted a wood bed.

We have been praying since we got here for free wood. We live in suburbia so there had to be people remodeling stuff right? Wrong. I posted wanted listing for months for free scrapes and nothing. So we bought our blocks and the next week I find exactly what I was looking for. Someone had remodeled their closet and were giving away the, still in good shape, boards that made the shelves. Now we can make the rest of our beds at a much lower cost! If we were really cheap, we would return the cinder blocks but that just is too much work.

That was blessing number one. Blessing number two came from family.

When we moved into our duplex, we we on a budget but we had almost no furniture. So we went bargain shopping and found a futon for $170. It was a nice one and it would stand the test of our little girl jumping and playing on it. Also if she destroyed it, it wouldn’t be as heart breaking. But it also $170 comfortable. So we had a fund for a new couch. We figured by the time Emma was no longer a toddler, we would have enough for a nice couch. Then a blessing happened! My sister and her husband upgraded their couch and gave us their old one! They are the ones with a recliners built in đŸ™‚ It was such a blessing and now we also saved money since now the futon is Emma’s new big girl bed. So it was a two for one. We got a new couch and Emma got a new bed.

So that was our recent blessings. It might not seem like much to most but for us it was great thing from God.

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