My War Room

Like of the Christian population in America, my husband and I recently watched War Room. It was awesome! The acting was great and the directing was great. I really enjoy the movies by the  Kendrick brothers. It was exra great for me because prayer is my “new years resolution” so to speak. I choose a word that will be the center of my year and this year it is prayer.

Now I know that many people think that prayer is silly and doesn’t work. They believe that God doesn’t hear their prayers so there is no point in trying. They could not be more wrong. I have witnessed prayer working in many areas in the last few years in my life that I know that it works. The problem is that my prayer life is so lukewarm that it is just not good.

Growing up in the church I have one of those talking to God all day types of prayer lives. Now those are great but what I realized what was missing was that deep relationship connection with God. The type where you go before Him and bare your soul and when you are done you feel like He is sitting right next to you. That is the kind prayer life I want.

So what did I do? First I made special place to pray – my war corner I call it. I don’t have a spare closet so I had to make it out of a little corner in my living room. It’s pretty simple but it’s cozy and intimate to be with God which is the whole point. (Also it was all purchased at a thrift store and only cost $13 to make which made my wallet happy.) Then I got the notebook I had near by and wrote out prayers for my husband, daughter and myself. These little prayers are just reminders for me to keep on track when I pray. Then I prayed and it wasn’t easy. Ten minutes seemed forever but at the end I felt closer to  God than when I started. My goal was accomplished.

My prayer corner is simple but I love it. If you want to know how I made it, leave a comment 🙂

Ready to pray!


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