When You are Tried

So Emma is starting to going into that sleep regression I guess toddlers go through around the age of two. She thinks that 2:00am is a great time to get up and play which is would be fine if she was in like China or something. At first I was really annoyed by it. I mean she had finally been sleeping through the night in her big girl bed (or should I say on the floor next to her big girl bed) for about two weeks and now she wasn’t sleeping through the night again.

Then one night she actually had a bad dream. I mean she woke up screaming in fear. Needless to say, I popped out of bed and ran to her side. When I opened her door, she clung to my leg and just cried “Mama! Mama!”. She was so glad I came to her. The other times were just because she was bored and wanted to play but this time it was a need for me to be in her room at that moment. So I picked her up and sat with her little arms clinging around my neck as tight as they could.

That moment right then and there made the last few night of getting little sleep worth it. She knew that I would be there for her even though this was the time she had actually needed me. And it gave me a good chance to sit there and tell her how much I love her an how much Jesus loves her. Then I got to pray over her for protection and her salvation. I was in there for probably about 45 minutes but they were precious minutes. And when she was done, she climbed back into her bed, grabbed her monkey, and said “Night, Night”. Her moment of need was over but I had been there to help her trough.

With my current situation I have to remember that God treats me like a little child like Emma. Not in a degrading way but in a loving way. I am His child and He loves me no matter what. When I have doubts and failures, it’s like when Emma gets up in the middle of the night. God is there when I whine or just am plain bored with life. But when a real thing happens, He is even quicker to come and save the day when my heart cries “Abba! Abba!”. He is there in an instant to hold me and tell that He loves me. And the best part is that He doesn’t have a time limit and will hold me until I want Him to let go.

So the next time you are with your kids and they are not sleeping well, think of how God does the same thing for us. He is there for us whenever we need Him even if it is 2 o’clock in the morning.


2 thoughts on “When You are Tried

  1. Ahhh! Looks like we are going through the same thing here too! Also regression = parental insanity. Good to see you looking to the Lord through the hard times. 🙂


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