When to Work on Something New

Now that Potholes of Hope has been released, I have left asking “Now what?” Do I wait for it to be a success or should I go ahead and publish another book? And, if I publish another book, should I wait for it to be the sequel (that is in the works of being proof read so keep an eye for “Potholes of Courage”!) or should I go with another book that I am working on?

All these questions are driving me crazy and I don’t know what to do. So right now, I have two books being proofed and working on one on my end. So that is where I am with my writing venture. I guess I am trying to figure out where I want to go with my writing. I have my series of Potholes that is a good young adult book that is all about God and His plans for us. I have another Christian booked being proofed so I have no problem with that one being released.

I just have this one story that is technically Christian based but it is a little bit more racy than the rest of my stuff. So I guess it is not a full Fiction Romance, it is pushing Erotica Romance. It’s not smutty like a dirty Harlequin novel or anything but it is a little more descriptive in a couple of scenes than my fluffier young adult Potholes series. The rest of the book has awesome character development and a really cool plot. I think that adults would really enjoy this book.

I just don’t want to taint my reputation as young adult writer but I don’t want to be stuck there either. So what do I do? I was suggested to use a pen name but I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t even know how to properly market a book under my own name let alone a pen name.

If you have any insight on this matter, please comment below. I would really appreciate the help.

Update: So I finished reading the romance book I was telling you about and it rather surprised me on how I wrote it. It is a Christian book with just two sex scenes written in it. One is a dream and on is in reality with her husband. There is no fornication any where and it goes deep into how God uses unconventional ways to make His plan come about. I think it is just a mature read but I think that could still publish it under my own name.

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