My Fever Has Broke, Both on the Mend

Good news, the way that we treated my out break of this virus worked. My fever broke during the night so we are now both on the mend. So this post is just to let you know what we did to keep me out of the hospital and what could have kept my husband out of the hospital.

First: don’t ignore it. This virus is fast moving and the symptoms come on quickly. The first symptom is chills. The kind that you feel running up your spine. Then the headache will start to bother you. You might get a sore throat as well. My husband’s wasn’t as bad as mine but I think that might be because of the IV and all the vitamins they gave him. Then within the next two hours, you have a fever of 100+ degrees. That is where things can go wrong the quickest.

Second: before the fever sets in, drink a total of 64 oz of water. That would be 16 oz every half hour. Might seem extreme but you need to stay ahead of this thing and the key is to keep enough water in you keep peeing. If you don’t, that is where the fever will over take you and the only way to catch up from dehydration is through IV fluids.

Lastly: rest but actually shower too. The shower helped break my fever. Don’t k ow why but that seemed to work.

So I hope this ishelpful since this is treatable at home. The last thing I want is for more people in the hospital so I wanted to share my little bit of wisdom from personal experience with this thing. Thank you to all those who are praying for us. It’s still going to be a slow and steady week for us as we now recover but at least we seem to be in the recovery stage 🙂

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