We Don’t Sing in the Rain, We Play!

So here in Northern California, we have been getting a good amount of rain. I’m not complaining since we need it but my daughter has been going crazy not being able to go outside. I have been telling her that we are going to have inside play days for a little while but that kept her attention for like one day. She wants to to go outside.

So finally I let her out. I tried to get a coat on her but she probably thought I would change my mind in that time so she grabbed her rain boots and went out in the rain. She thought is was awesome! She has never had so much fun in her life.


The picture is a little far away since I was still the lame adult who didn’t want to get wet but you can still see her smile as clear as bell.

Do yo remember when something so simple made you so happy? I know I have, but it is so easy to look too far in the future to think about all the simple moments that are in front of you. Of course it is good to plan, I do it everyday but does it really make me happy? My daughter runs on no time frame and she is the happiest person I know. Maybe being so rigid and planned out isn’t a good thing all the time. Maybe I need to loosen up and actually go out in the rain and play with my daughter. It’s ok to get wet and muddy now even though I am all grown up. Right? Who cares if I look silly. I shouldn’t have just taken a picture of her playing, I should have been out there with her.

Now tonight she won’t get to go out and play since I don’t want her to get sick, but we will do something else that’s alot of fun. I want to remember all these precious moments since we will probably never get to experience them again. She is our only baby and now very quickly turning into our little girl. She is growing up so fast and soon she won’t want to play in the rain. She will be the lame adult taking a picture from inside the house.

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