Should Have Been More Specific

I remember when my husband and I were dating and started talking about how many kids we wanted. I wanted two and he wanted four. I thought he was crazy but his number never faltered even after getting married. Well I got to thinking about it because God has already blessed us with four kids. Just one has made it to earth.

I guess my husband should have been more specific with God. I mean He gave us a fireball so we have our hands full so that isn’t an issue. It would have been nice to have met our three babies in heaven though. And there’s a strong possibility a fourth child will be joining them. We haven’t been trying  but that doesn’t mean we were 100% perfect with our birth control method and we slipped up twice. It looks like it was enough. I have been having my symptoms again (this time I’m actually 21 days late) but took a test and it was negative. Emailed my doctor and I’m having a pregnancy test done today.

We had decided to stop trying to avoid the pain of another loss. I guess God has other plans. It’s not that He wants me and my husband to suffer but there must be something for us to learn still. I don’t know what it is and I hate having to learn lessons this way but I am God’s servant and His Grace will be sufficient. If I lose this baby too then I will work through it but if He dose give us a miracle that would be great. Any prayers would be appreciated for which way this goes.

God bless!

2 thoughts on “Should Have Been More Specific

  1. God bless! It is refreshing to read about someone who still has faith in Gods Miracles , even if it’s not a whole lot. I’ve been struggling with that lately!! We have been ttc for a year almost and are going to talk to a fertility specialist in two weeks…I’m struggling to figure out if God is going to give us a miracle and whether or not it is going to be naturally or in a lab…I wouldn’t wish PCOS or infertility on my worst enemy!! Good luck! Will say a prayer for you!


    1. I’ll be praying for your appointment. I know what you mean. No wonder it was the worst nightmare to a woman in the Bible. It’s like you have the lock but the key doesn’t work even though it came with the manufacturer. Keep faith though. God has His plan for you and for me. Please let me know how your journey goes. We need each other to stand with 🙂

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