I Have New Facebook Pages

I am so excited because now I have an author page on Facebook! It is www.facebook.com/GracelynAsayAuthor 🙂 Doesn’t it look great? OK, maybe it isn’t that big of deal to you but, for me, it’s a huge deal. I am finally learning some of the tricks from the pros and implementing them in my own way. This blog was a suggestion from the research I did for promoting my book the first time. Now it is my place to write about more than that. I write about my family and my Etsy Shop too.

I also have a Facebook page for my shop! It is www.facebook.com/HandiWorksOfGrace. You can go there and see all my shop updates. That way I don’t spam my personal Facebook friends.

Feel free to like both pages. It is where all my updates and announcements will be posted. So keep in touch 🙂


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