I’m 2!

I can’t believe that my little girl is 2! Where has the time gone? I know in the moment it has felt like it would take forever for her to get to two years old, but, now that it’s here, I am amazed at how fast it has gone. She is such a joy in my life. I can’t stand going a day without seeing her face or hearing her laugh. She is an amazing person and I can’t wait to see that her future holds.

So I have a little prayer from my daughter for this year. I think we all need more prayer and I want to start with my daughter.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me Emma. She is such a precious and trying gift from You, Lord. She has helped me grow in so many ways. I have learned so much about myself more than her in these past two years than I could ever imagine. I couldn’t imagine my life without her, Lord.

I pray that you give her blessings and wisdom as she gets older. She may be only two but she can still do great things for Your kingdom at her young age. She is Your creation and I pray that she will come to know You quickly as her Creator and Savior.

I ask all of these things in Your name Jesus,




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