Learning to be Humble and at Peace

My last post was about my last asthma attack but that wasn’t the end of the story. I went home and tried to treat it myself again. I did my best but I ended back in ER on Wednesday. This time I got a couple breathing treatments and was sent back home.

Nothing was helping and Friday morning I was back in the ER and admitted by the afternoon because I have pneumonia and I needed IV treatments with steroids and antibiotics. So I’m here watching Animal Planet and trying to get better.

What keeps happening is that I can get my lungs to a certain point and then they won’t open up anymore. So I’m working on it and have a great prayer support team so I am going to be OK. It’s what I’m learning spiritually is what is surprising.

I normally go into these things with a woe is thing but I haven’t yet. I’m at peace actually. I know God’s got me in His hands and I’m sitting on His lap with my head buried in His chest. I just need to relax and get better 🙂


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