House Buying Trouble

So we are moving out of our rental and looking to buy a house instead of renting again. The good news is that we can afford and got pre-approved for financing. The problem? We keep getting outbid by Bay Area investors with their cash offers. Why is this even more frustrating? These investors more than likely will not move into the homes. They flip them and sell them again. So they buy up the homes that young families like mine can afford and then flip them to make them outrageously expensive.

It’s really the cause for the crazy housing prices in Northern California and why young families are having such a hard time getting a start. And for everyone not in California, the Bay Area (San Fran, Berkley and so on) is NOT Northern California. There’s Northern California, the Bay Area, and Southern California. So don’t let anyone tell you different 🙂

So now that that is taken care of, back to the housing issue. Since we are having such a hard time finding a house, we are going to have to rent again somewhere but it has to have the option of month to month which is almost as impossible as buying a house. So we are in a sticky situation.

Now I know you are probably wondering, then where have you been living? I have been living with my parents with my tow year old and my husband has been with co-workers. We have been doing this for two weeks. I am not sure what God is doing right now. I know He is doing something but right now I can’t see is but I know it has be something for our good. Otherwise this is all for nothing. So We are just praying for guidance and grace as we continue moving on down this journey. 🙂


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