When Life is Too Crazy

There is so much going on in my life right that I can’t explain it all. It would be another book in itself. Not all of it is bad. Actually a lot of it is great but it is still busy. And there is nothing wrong with that in itself but what it can do is make so I am only looking at myself. I forget to look at those around me and frankly care about how their day is going. I was reminded today by a sweet couple who just had their first baby but she came too early and has to be kept in the NICU. They can only see her through the incubator and can only hold her for short periods right now.

Whenever I read their updates, my heart is put into check at what really matters. It isn’t where I live or what I have that matters. I have learned that all can be lost in the blink of an eye. What does matter is that my family is safe and healthy. I have a great support system and great God to back me up. Life might not be perfect but it can always be more challenging. So I will praise God in the storm and look forward to the brief calm at the end.

Emma snuggling with her new blankie 🙂

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