Steak Knives

Have you ever had this happen to you? You buy a pair of steak knives and they are awesome. They are sharp and cut through any type of meat, cheese, or veggie you want. Then time goes on and they are not as sharp as they once were but you really don’t notice that you are having to use more force to cut your meat and your cheese is now coming off in uneven cuts as they are having a hard time staying straight. Finally you get to the point where the knives don’t actually cut anything but you are so used to them that you just put up with it.

Can anyone relate? I know it is kind of a silly story but it is 100% true. My parents have had these not matching steak knives since I can remember. They are now pretty much just cool looking butter knives but they refused to get new ones since they were so used to the old ones. Well, my husband and I decided that if they weren’t going to get some then we would. So as a thank you for letting me and my daughter live with them for two months until we were able to move into our new house, we bought them a nice steak knife set. Guess what happened? They were amazed at how long they had put up with the old ones and finally saw how much better these were.

Ok, what’s my point? Why bring up something as silly as steak knives? Because I think that is how Christianity has become in our country. We once were sharp and ready to cut through anything that wasn’t God honoring but over time have gotten duller and duller to the waves of culture influence. It is now that the church is so dull as a whole that is only spreads butter and doesn’t make any impact in the world around us.

Now there are good things happening by the work of Christians but that is just a small handful. I know I am not making an impact to the those around me like I should. I have a new neighbor that is already driving me crazy but I haven’t even been over to introduce myself and I have been in my house for almost two weeks. How am I any different from the rest of the stagnant Christians out there? Yes I have a book out called Potholes of Hope and that is all about Jesus’ love and forgiveness for our ways but is it enough? I don’t think so. I need to actually get out and spread Jesus’ love to everyone.

Actually what is putting me to shame are the songs my two year old daughter is listening to like: Jesus Loves MeHe Has the Whole WorldThe Wise Man, and I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart. Do I believe any of that? Do you?

Imagine what the world out be like if we did. We need to throw out our old steak knife Christianity and bring in a whole new set that is refreshed with the truth and word of Jesus Christ. Then we would see change in our world. Until then, good luck eating your steak.

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