There are Still Good People

I had something really cool happen to me yesterday. I was doing my normal shopping for next week and I was going to have to put something back since I didn’t have enough cash with me. Due to the move and having to still replace a lot of stuff we lost in our house, our credit cards have gotten a little out of hand. Since we are Dave Ramsey people and would like to still have a nice Christmas this year, we are on a strict budget and free spending freeze. Yuck! It was kind of fun when I didn’t have to think about the card balance jacking up with each purchase but, if I had paid attention, we wouldn’t have been on a freeze now. Just a thought.

And it’s not like I am a charity case because I know why we are on a freeze and it’s better we do it now instead of our cards just getting out of control and we have bigger problems later. I own my debt and now we are doing the steps to make it work. It just means that we had to make some cuts and one of those cuts was losing $20 a week in grocery money. So instead of getting $80 a week, I now have to get creative and look up my tightwad ways again to provide for a family of three using still high quality products for $60 a week. I know for some people that is A LOT of money per week for food. But out here in California it is amazing on how not so far that much will get you.

And the puncher this week was that I had to buy our monthly protein mix which took out $40 bucks out of the budget. Ouch! And yes that meant I only had $20 for the rest of the week. Talk about trying to stretch a penny. But as a tightwad you learn a few things and I was able to get everything I needed except for one thing. Not a big deal really. I was just going to have to put the spinach back. The protein mix we get has fruits and veggies in it so I would be fine for one week without it.

That is when I almost broke down in the store because not one but two ladies were fighting over who would buy the spinach. I started crying right there not because of the cost of the spinach or having to put it back but because these ladies, who were complete strangers wanted to bless me by helping me get everything in my cart.

I am just still amazed at God’s grace and mercy over my family. Yes we lost everything and it will take me awhile to get things back to where they were but I know God will provide. He will help us get these cards paid off and us getting back on track. He is our hope and our comfort. I have given our finances to Him and keep an eye out for any chance I can to supplement our income to help us out. My husband is doing the same and God provided our gas for the month on August first. That was real blessing since now that is just one less thing that has to go on an already too much out our spending limits card.

So if you are thinking that there aren’t any good people left, take heart. I know with our current political world in America it feels like there’s nothing but bad news. Our country is divided and it is only getting worse. Of course that is a whole other post in itself. Just remember that we are all human and there are still good ones out there. We just need to show loving kindness to everyone.

Until next time! God bless.

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