Listening to Good Music

This is just a fun post. There is nothing about infertility or mold or anything. Just a fun little post about how good it feels to know that you are not alone in the world.

I was on my way to the gym this morning and a car had their radio up rather loudly. Normally that is not something I enjoy since the lyrics are normally crass and something I don’t want to listen to but this time it was different because it was a Christian radio station. I had to smile because it brought up a thought that it was good to know that I was not the only Christian on the road.

I know that sounds silly but let me explain. See I attend a rather large church and everyone there for the most part are nice. Our Pastor is one of those who doesn’t like seat warmers and his heart is to train us to be disciples out in our community. So we tend to not have wishy washy Christians in our church. Any way, even so, I wonder where those people are on the roads and in my daily life. Even though I sit with a lot of people in church, they seem to disappear every where else I go.

You see the fish on the back of car as they cut you off and people speed past you be the first one in line at a red light. I wonder sometimes if people really think about their Christianity when they are away from church. So when I heard the Christian music playing from the car next to me it was good to see I am not the only one on the road who listens to Christian music. Maybe they are ones who are wanting to make the world a better place by living out Christ wherever they go.

If you are a Christian, do you even take a second thought to how Christ fits into your every day life? I know there are days where I just go about my day and Jesus hasn’t come up once in my conversation. how do I treat people on the road? Do they see Christ in me? I would like to think so. It was a nice reminder to keep running the race and being the love of Jesus everywhere šŸ™‚

Have a great day!

Ps. And I am happy to report they were a very nice driver.

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