It’s Quiet in My House

My house is quiet tonight. Now as a mom, if your house is quiet with your kids in it, that could be a bad thing. I know when my daughter is quiet normally it is because she has gotten into who knows what and is doing who knows what with it, but not tonight. Tonight my parents have her and I was really excited about having some quiet to myself until my husband gets home from work, but, as soon as I left her, my world felt empty. I knew there was something missing.

Now my little girl is a handful and trust me when I say I am happy for a break, but that isn’t what made it feel like something is missing. It felt empty because she is my life. As a stay at home mom, you get very little time to and for yourself. You spend all day taking care of the kids and then your husband when he comes home. The word ‘tired’ is tattooed across your forehead and all you dream about is taking a shower that is longer than five minutes which includes the heat up time. I get that tonight and now I want her back. I want her crawling on me and demanding things from me left and right. I feel like my night has no purpose and my house feels hollow. I walk by her room and I want to curl up in her bed just to get her scent. She is my world and I miss her.

I know she is fine and in five minutes I will be jumping for joy down the halls that I get to sleep in without my normal 6:00 am alarm clock, but right now I miss her. She is having so much fun that she doesn’t know what to do with it. My parents will keep her well busy and the other way around and I look forward to hearing the stories from their time together. So tonight I will enjoy the quiet house and the night’s sleep because I go pick her up tomorrow and my crazy life picks up again. I can’t wait.

You can tell she is a barrel of fun 🙂

Modern Sociology of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Like so many little girls, my daughter loves the Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It’s a cute little love story of the power to of true love and how it will always bring you through the toughest times. Or is it? Watching the movie now as an adult, it is almost painful for me to watch with how so many concepts in the movie have evolved into monsters in our society today. A few of these things are the way that men are looked at, the way that Snow White is really meant to be perceived, and the romantic idea of love.

I hold no rights to this photo of the characters of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

First and foremost that drives me crazy about the movie is the way that the men are presented, especially the dwarfs. Here are these successful businessmen with their own mine come home one day and have this spoiled little princess telling them that they have been doing everything wrong their whole lives. No wonder Grumpy wasn’t so welcoming to her! He was a grown man and had been getting along just fine without her but now he was having to change everything he did for a person he #1 didn’t know and #2 didn’t like.

I can see this be the real start to the way that young girls started to see how they were their man’s saving grace. Because God knows that men are completely incompetent to take care of themselves. Now would it be the same way a woman takes care of themselves? Yes and no. Now my husband shared a house with four guys when he was in college. He was definitely the messy one in the group. Snow White would have gasped ad probably fainted at his room, but did that instantly mean that all the guys were like him? No! The rest of the guys were very tidy and very organized. To me they had no “need” for a woman to come in a save them from they caveman ways. Now did my husband need some help, yes, but the difference was that I helped him over time. I didn’t do an overhaul on his room on our first date. Now he is very helpful in keeping the house up because it is important to me and he wants to make me happy.

The other thing that is nuts about the movie is Snow White herself. She is played off to be this innocent, little thing who has no idea how life really works, but then she gets out on her own and suddenly she knows how to run a house and is so confident that, even though the witch is hunting her, she basically kicks the men out so they will go to work and leave her alone. Now she isn’t very bright in seeing the good in everyone but that is for another tale because what the heck was Disney thinking when he thought having her do breaking and entering? So pretty much my daughter is learning it is ok to break into someone’s house as long as you clean it up and cook dinner. I have to laugh at that. I know it’s just a movie but kids learn from everything they see.

For example, there is something good that she learned from the movie. She learned a sock and a stocking are the same thing. She was watching it and Sow White said that line “A pick ax. A stocking too!” And my daughter corrected her by saying “sock”. Then I got to tell her that a stocking is another word for a sock. She looked at me and said, “Stocking – sock”. So she made that connection and it was really cool to see a two year old make it. So it’s not all bad.

There is just one last thing that has made our society into something that is kind of a mockery and that is our idea on what love is and how it happens. I really do wonder how many bad relationships could have been avoided if little girls weren’t indoctrinated with the idea that the first man they meet will be their forever prince? The are other movies… ok pretty much every Disney princess tale except two were the whole plot is based on a love struck girl who breaks the ties of her whole life just to be with the man and then marries him in the end. Snow White for example, met the guy once and, even then, she ran off and hid from him for singing a love song to her. But she was in love with him? She didn’t even speak to him! And then he is just as crazy to spend a year searching for a girl he scared to death to find that she has “died”, but he kisses her anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to at least know the guy’s name before he lay his lips on mine. I mean not only that, but the prince never said he was coming back for her. Did he go back to the castle and ask about her? Wouldn’t the Queen have killed him then? Also if Snow White was this beloved princess, wouldn’t her subjects want her coffin at the castle and not in the middle of the woods? I guess it could be called devotion, but I call it a bit odd in total.

But that is the thing about true love, right? If it is meant to be, then it is meant to be. Even if you are at the point of death, one kiss will bring you back. I wish that was one thing that was true about the movie. I would have saved so much in medical bills if my husband’s kiss could heal me from my ills.

So yes, Snow White is a fictional movie that can’t happen, but the underlying story can. It can change the appearance of things that have been distorted in modern society about the way men are children and need to be taken care even when they are grown, Snow White is just an innocent girl who really is the power house of the whole thing, and the idea the of romance and the first man we see will be our prince charming.

Will I stop my daughter from watching the movie? No because I she loves it and as a parent you learn to pick your battles, but I will watch it with her and explain the flaws in the story. Because overall I am my daughter’s greatest teacher and it is my job to train her to be a wife and mother who is strong yet meek, confident yet humble, and loving but not a doormat. So it’s “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to work I go”.

Being a Working Stay at Home Mom

So it has been a LONG time since my last post, but I have good reason. I now have a part time job that I do from home. Most people would probably go “what is so big about that?” Well if you are a working from home parent, you know exactly what I am talking about. A two hour project turns into four, your work space has flying projectiles in it, and your assistant has worst hand writing than a doctor. It’s lots of fun for sure.

But it’s a lot better for me than going to a work site in many ways. I have done that before when my daughter was a new born and I missed so much. My parents took care of her for me for a year and then I became a full time stay at home mom and it has been great. I love how much time I haven been able to be with my daughter and all the memories we have made, but I missed working.

So when the opportunity came for me to be able to work for home, I jumped at the chance. Now it has been interesting working with a two year old in the house but it is still worth it. I am adding to my family’s income and I can still raise my daughter without having to put her in day care. I get to make her breakfast, lunch and dinner, I get to play her with her on my breaks and she gets to see her mommy do something for herself. So working and being a stay at home mom can work hand in hand and for me it is working.