Being a Working Stay at Home Mom

So it has been a LONG time since my last post, but I have good reason. I now have a part time job that I do from home. Most people would probably go “what is so big about that?” Well if you are a working from home parent, you know exactly what I am talking about. A two hour project turns into four, your work space has flying projectiles in it, and your assistant has worst hand writing than a doctor. It’s lots of fun for sure.

But it’s a lot better for me than going to a work site in many ways. I have done that before when my daughter was a new born and I missed so much. My parents took care of her for me for a year and then I became a full time stay at home mom and it has been great. I love how much time I haven been able to be with my daughter and all the memories we have made, but I missed working.

So when the opportunity came for me to be able to work for home, I jumped at the chance. Now it has been interesting working with a two year old in the house but it is still worth it. I am adding to my family’s income and I can still raise my daughter without having to put her in day care. I get to make her breakfast, lunch and dinner, I get to play her with her on my breaks and she gets to see her mommy do something for herself. So working and being a stay at home mom can work hand in hand and for me it is working.


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