Missing My Country Roots

Now I am going to get all red neck on ya’ll, but I grew up good. I wouldn’t trade my childhood looking back for anything. I am a country girl and my hometown has less than 3000 people in it. I am proud of my roots and will never be ashamed that I didn’t grow up in the city with the “civilized” people. Heck, most of the people I grew up with have more smarts than many people I have met in the city. No offense to anyone. I feel like my country background laid the best foundation it could for me and I miss it. Let me explain.

Don’t ask me how it happened, since I was the horse girl who was only going to marry a cowboy and live on a big ranch, I married a city boy. I mean city boy. He didn’t even know what the word ‘muck’ was. He thought I was cursing. So grant the surprise looks I got when I brought him around town and later married him. Because picture this – five acres, horses, goats, chickens, bunnies, mud, hours of play and anything your imagination could think of. That is my childhood home. I started riding horses when I was nine and continued until my horse past away when I was seventeen. I was pretty much living on my own Heartland Ranch. It was amazing.

Then after my horse died, I went through an identity crisis and started college at the same time. That was when I met my husband and he knew that he had to get me before I came back to my senses and turned into the country girl I really am. Well he did catch me and we got married almost five years ago, but like most newlyweds (especially if you get married at 20 and 21 years of age) you are dead broke. The only place we could afford was in what we called in my hometown ‘the ghetto’. Which was just the city an hour from there where there was so many things within a mile of our first place I didn’t know where to go first. One thing about living in the country you only went to town if you had at least four errands to do. And we haven’t been able to afford to get back to anything close to where I grew up.

Now we live in a suburb and it’s a nice one but I have neighbors I can see. Growing up, our closest neighbor was not in rock throwing distance. So I am having to still get used to their sounds and stuff. But I was listening to country music and it was actually making me homesick . Not to go back to my parent’s house but back to the country. My husband doesn’t know what to think but he does know we can’t stay in the city forever. He might have taken the girl out of the country but he can’t take the country out of the girl. If he tried, I just might have to hog tie him up. But that could be fun too. Until next time, keep a steady hand on the reins and give that pony a good kick.

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