Where Did the Christmas Tree Come From?

As I am sitting here admiring my Christmas tree, I started thinking “where did the tradition of bringing a live tree in the house, wrapping electricity (in the beginning, candles) around it, and then stuffing paper under it?” So I did some digging.

It was actually pretty cool. According to History.com, the first notice of people bringing in an evergreen was with the vikings when they would want to bring some light into their homes during to the long winter season. But the first Christmas Tree was actually started in Germany and they were called Paradise Trees since the first ornaments were apples. Can anyone guess the connection? Yes, it was to the Garden of Eden. And from there the Christmas tree evolved, but didn’t make it to main stream until Queen Victoria encouraged her German husband to set up a tree like he did as a child. It was published in a newspaper and of course everyone wanted to get one. After that the production of ornaments started in Germany and once the light bulb was made the candles were replaced.

But the Christmas tree is a tradition that I love the most when it comes the less religious side of the season. I also know that many Christians don’t put up a tree due to the fact that those who celebrate the winter solstice also use an evergreen tree as a sign of fertility. Whether or not that is really used much anymore, they still will not put up a tree in their homes. They think it to be a pagan thing which I think is silly since it all depends on your perspective. I guess that would mean we should celebrate Easter either since the eggs and bunnies are a sign of fertility too. But I look beyond that and see memories to be made and the rising of my Savior.

So I just thought that was interesting about the Christmas tree. I know I love my tree and enjoy spending evenings just sitting under it with a cup of cocoa and my family.  It’s the perfect time to tell my daughter the true reason for the season. I get to tell her about how God sent His son to be born so that He could be the Savior of the world. It’s a time of hope and renewal and I love every moment of it.

Merry Christmas!


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