Praising God for Strong Willed Children

I know this is a reblog, but I felt like it was needing to be posted again. My little fireball is now almost three and we don’t have it all figured out yet. But I know that each day, by the grace of God, we make it through. So don’t see your strong will children as burdens but rather as a mission field. Use their energy toward the things of God. Because imagine what they could accomplish with the drive that they have? 🙂

Writer's Garden

It’s funny. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had all these dreams and hopes of the person my daughter was going to be. I thought about all the pictures we would drawn and all the hide and seek games we would engage in. It was going to be perfect. There was just one thing that I didn’t think of. My cute, perfect daughter having a mind of her own.

Trust me, it’s not like I wanted a robot but my daughter’s personality is one that is a bit of a challenge for me. She is a super strong willed and stubborn child who makes the most simple requests (like don’t touch the blinds) into a big deal with yelling, screaming and me having to discipline her. If it was me as a child, the simple warning would have been enough. No not my child. For example with the…

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