My Travels to Colorado and Wyoming

My husband and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Denver Colorado and then to Cheyenne Wyoming. It was our fifth anniversary this year and we wanted to do something fun and different, so we decided to leave sunny-ish California and go to the Rocky Mountains.

Our trip started bright and early at the airport where my husband and I looked forward to a restful trip where there weren’t going to be any timelines or deadlines to do things. We had no idea what we were actually going to do but we looked forward to whatever the trip brought us.


We landed in Denver a short flight later and we were ready to get going. After picking up our rental car, we searched for places to eat and found this adorable diner called Tom’s Diner. It was just the type of diner that should be in a movie. It was actually the type of diner I had pictured when I wrote my book, Potholes of Hope, which was fun too.

In total, if you are going to be in Denver, I would highly recommend this place. The people are friendly and the food is very yummy. You feel like part of the family as soon as you walk through the door. The prices are good and the quality of food is good as well. I certainly wouldn’t see the quality of food in a Denny’s that’s for sure.

After we ate, we Googled what to do in Denver and the Denver zoo came up. Since the weather was gorgeous, thought it was the perfect place to check out. It was amazing! Probably the best zoo I have ever been too. The selection of animals was breath taking.

These are just a few of the animals we saw. It was still chilly outside so the African based animals were mostly inside but we got to see some gorillas, elephants, and alligators too. This is another attraction I would highly suggest visiting if you travel to Denver. We lucked out for to not be snowing when we arrived but I think that this place would be even better in the summer time since all the animals would be out then.

But now it was time for us to drive up to Cheyenne where we were going to spending the most of our trip. There wasn’t any snow on the ground like I said so it looked a lot like home. When it really looked like Wyoming was the next morning. It snowed a good couple inches but it didn’t stop us from looking around the area.

Cheyenne is a super cute city. We went all around old town and Dell Range Blvd. and were very impressed. And the people are sooooo friendly! Being from California, we are only really familiar with rude people, and we can’t stand them. Of course we live in the northern part and people can still be rude. So Cal is were most of the rude people are. I would highly suggest no one go there unless you have to. We avoid it like the plague. But Wyoming, on the other hand, blew our minds.

We were interested in maybe moving there so we asked locals how they liked living there. It was amazing at how many people stopped to talk with us, and for a long time. They gladly answered our questions and were disgusted at all the stupid laws we have in California. My husband was impressed by the way they said that, even with the weather, they would choose Wyoming over anywhere. This impressed us to the point that we frown at the thought of going back to California.

So we just enjoyed the rest of our time because we shortly learned after we got back to the room that night was that both my husband and I get altitude sickness which would be a huge problem if we lived there. We thought maybe it would go away by the end of the trip but it didn’t so we sadly won’t be able to move to Wyoming but we highly suggest the state to anyone who wants to live in a conservative state. They are super gun friendly and it’s a no income tax state. The people are easy going and the housing prices are desirable. These were all the reasons we loved the state but above all the state is beautiful! We only have gone in the winter but I could only imagine the beauty that it is in the summer. Here are few pictures of our drive back to Denver to fly home.

Isn’t it pretty? Not the funnest thing to drive in but they do a great job in keeping the roads clear. We had very little black ice and the winds were low so the highway was an easy trip.

Overall, I loved Wyoming! I wish that we could move there and leave California but that doesn’t seem to be God’s plan for us. I am not sure why He wants us to deal with the horrible politics in our home state but He does. But, if you are looking for a good conservative state to move to, and you don’t get altitude sickness, and don’t mind snow, I would highly suggest Cheyenne Wyoming.

Happy travels!

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